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Report from our correspondent (reporter Yan-ping ye) on the morning of August 31, the district party committee of the standing committee, united front work department minister Fang Guhui street people by salt storehouse research non-public enterprise party construction, were the first to fight for their superior activity to carry out the situation.

Symposium, Fang Guhui seriously listened to send plastic machinery co., LTD., zhejiang zhoushan tong long figure construction co., LTD., zhoushan lung chau building branch, zhoushan sea mountain mesh co., LTD., head of the four non-public enterprise party organization activities were the first to fight for their better development report, to the non-public enterprise branch were the first to fight for their superior activity and the practice to give the full affirmation. It is concluded that all non-public enterprises are well prepared, clear in thinking, innovative in measures, and the results are good.

Fang Guhui prelude to non-public enterprises to set three requirements for optimal activity: one is the non-public enterprise party organizations in the thought to fully recognize the significance of the pioneer for optimal activity, action and integrating enterprise actual, highlight the activity theme. The general party member's cutting edge exemplary role into full play, strengthen non-public enterprise party organization's influence, cohesion, appeal, to pioneer for optimal activity further promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and scientific development; Second, we should strengthen the construction of party building in non-public enterprises, improve the development and training of party members, strengthen the party membership in enterprises, and expand and consolidate the party's ruling foundation. Three is the street party working to strengthen the supervision of enterprises were the first to fight for their superior activity and guidance, advanced typical summarization mining, to point with surface, expand the influence, to promote in-depth development non-public enterprises were the first to fight for their superior activity.