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"Do you know anything about machinery? "At the words of others, han-min wu invented in the world" the fourth kind of twin screw extruder "-- subdivided conical twin-screw extruder, it has to do with the first three extruder apart, the successful development of 70 years. It was this machine that made wu and his small business, with just over 40 employees, famous, and his life changed

It is hard to imagine a company that has made such a splash with technological innovation as a leader who is not a science student, who has never been gilded in foreign countries, or even a university. So, what is wu hanmin's "winning magic weapon"? Not long ago, Mr. Wu told the story of how he made his fortune.

Name card: Wu Hanmin, born in 1951, born in zhoushan jintang, is now chairman of zhoushan tongfa machinery co., LTD., chairman of zhoushan dinghai tongfa plastics co., LTD., and an expert in plastic machinery

Main business: development of conical twin screw extruder

Entrepreneurial motto: scientific and technological innovation, integrity - oriented, pragmatic development

Student: "inventor of seawater power generation"

"Got talent" is a popular term on the Internet today. It refers to an expert who is proficient in a certain professional field. I didn't come from the mechanical field, but I just went home on the way.

Every success is not achieved overnight. My success should be attributed to my love of making things happen and using my mind when I was young. When I read junior high school, because home in rural mountain, the village has no electricity, once in the entire village dark night, then I will use what they have learned knowledge, make a device, every night a bucket of water from the sea, the sea will generate electricity, with little electric light, enough point for several hours. At that time, I was thinking about how much water zhoushan had, and how good it would be if we could rely on the water to power every household.

In 1974, I became an ordinary physics teacher in jintang middle school and never forgot my dream. So, at ordinary times whenever you have a self-study hydroelectric power, in the 1980 s, since the test of Peking University self-study hangzhou branch electronic college, have the professional knowledge, I teach during the day, night in the dormitory study water power generation principle, finally one day, the sea through the electricity, I was ma didn't consciousness, then happy have to bear the pain, cried excitedly, the entire dormitory of a person. I realized my dream when I was a teenager. Later, I used my invention to build zhoushan's first hydropower station, "7451 hydropower station".

After that, I went to the jintang school to design teaching equipment and designed some teaching equipment, chargers, magnetizers, walkie-talkie, etc., which have been included in the local textbook outline. Everybody asks me how did I invent these things? Actually, inventing the most important thing is to seize "inspiration", we don't have to read a book, a generation of knowledge are all I have to come out through practice, see the village without electricity, would think how electricity, will go to study, books, to find, to do experiments, as long as dare to think, nothing is can't do.

The entrepreneurial dream of "paranoia"

When I entered the school-run factory and became the factory director, I was told that wu hanmin was a good worker, but not the material for the factory. I'm a little paranoid, people say I can't, I have to do the best. So, in 1994, I set up my own dinghai tongfa plastic factory and started my own business.

I believe that one day my small factory will be able to create miracles. In a cooperation with others, I abrupt fantasy: if let ordinary plastic has antiseptic, cut the plastic used in home appliances such as washing machine shell, shell has antiseptic function, good health, must be popular with the users. Through trial and error, I found that to process this kind of raw material, we first need a extruder with high extrusion force and good plasticizing performance. If the conical twin screw is combined with coaxial rotation, the plastic can be produced with high extrusion force and good plasticizing performance.

But where to find the machine? So I went all over the country and couldn't find it. At a company in Shanghai, a chemical mechanical engineer said to me, "do you understand? The two principles cannot be combined in a single machine. "Indeed, I had my doubts about myself. I was not familiar with the field of machinery before I developed the machine, but I just wanted to gnaw at it.

Reading and drawing, I have been drilling in the factory's research room for several months, starting from scratch, assiduous study, hard study, and repeated study. Without any reference materials, the conical twin screw extruder was developed in 2003 after many experiments. "Inspiration" and "bigotry" make me successful.

Before I applied it to making antibacterial nanomaterials, I realized something else about the machine. Because I found, the company production increased by half at the worker's wages multiplied, I thought it was the financial accounts do wrong, then down to the workshop just know, original is "behind" the machine.

At that time, I was very excited. I felt that this "earth" machine would open a new milestone of my business. Sure enough that I expected, the machine in the future really become the magic weapon "run-off" of the enterprise, even in the financial crisis, also let enterprise orders continuously, become dinghai many screw "heterogeneous" in the enterprise.

Unique "technology", "expertise" to solve difficult problems

An enterprise, only by mastering the technology, can grasp the advantage of developing the market, can master the initiative. Now the market competition is more and more big, a lot of similar products because of the high market imitation, slowly lost competitiveness, if not their own, unique "skill", hard to avoid is homogenized, is "designed", I do not others, only do the domestic and the world, did not fear not the market.

Therefore, as early as after the success of the research and development of conical twin-screw, I applied for a patent, "subdivided conical twin-screw extruder is hair company independent research and development success and obtains the national invention patent product, December 30, 2007 through the provincial product identification, in December last year, I got the national invention patent. In various cases, the price of raw materials will be much higher than other similar products because there is no comparable product in China or even the world due to its technological content.

The company invests a lot of money in research and development, and continuously developed subdivided conical twin-screw extruder series products, have counterparts only the tip of the product, this is company's capital in the molding machine market competition. Once, want to find a Thai company can produce to waste rubber (EVA) as raw material to produce finished product machine, haven't find a suitable manufacturer, then introduced by counterparts in guangdong, that "hair" can produce waste rubber as raw material to produce the finished product machine, sceptical to come to discuss business. A trial order was made, indicating that the two sides could cooperate to expand the Thai market once successful. Almost immediately, the company based on customer's demand, research and development organization, when take waste rubber with Thailand customer to the company commissioning, see promise can produce 350 kilograms per hour and can produce 380 kilograms, and 30% than the similar mechanical equipment save electricity, the thumbs-up sign, so far we have always maintained good relations of cooperation.

Thanks for the support of the municipal federation of industry and commerce and the dinghai district federation of industry and commerce.