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The first world conference on zheshang 25 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, Zheshang elite, famous experts from all over the world, including the top 500 global headquarters, known in the world, such as state, head of the unit will be GongYi zheshang development, zhejiang future together. Chairman wu hanmin was invited to attend the conference. In July the zhoushan zhoushan islands new district, listed by the state to become our country following the Shanghai pudong new area, tianjin binhai and chongqing liangjiang new area after another national district, as the zhoushan people are very proud. During the meeting, the chairman of the board of directors of the company listened to zheshang content to promote the development of economy and the spirit of the declaration after strengthened with "entrepreneurial innovation as the core, based on the venture self-improvement, focus on independent innovation, insist on scientific development, adhere to the integrity of this" spirit to develop the confidence and determination of the enterprise, has set a series of product research and development, for the construction of the zhoushan islands new district, for the development of Zhejiang economy out of a force.公司董事长“吴汉民”出席“首届世界浙商大会”.jpg