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In October this year, my company independent research and development "with double cone" brand "subdivided conical twin-screw extruder was listed in" zhejiang province famous brand products ", the product is my company independent research and development of the national invention patent product (patent no. : ZL 200510118915.3), the national key new products, in the domestic first. On December 30, 2007, the provincial product was signed as follows: the product features high mixing, high shear, high extrusion pressure, low extrusion temperature and good plasticizing performance. Pioneered in the product will be "conical double screw" and "synthetic" spin, the combination of both to keep the "tapered differential twin screw extruder" of the characteristics of big extrusion force and reached the same as "parallel twin-screw extruder" plasticizing performance is good, than similar domestic products specifications of the "cone differential twin screw extruder and parallel direction twin-screw extruder" about twice as high, than the power (30-50) %, energy-saving effect is remarkable. The main performance parameters have reached the international advanced level, and the products have filled the domestic gap. Our company is the first drafting unit of the national industry standard of "conical twin screw extruder". This product was awarded zhoushan famous brand product by zhoushan famous brand product identification committee in August 2008 and zhejiang famous brand product in October this year. In this way, I believe our general development enterprises can go up a ladder on the basis of stable development.