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Due to the excellent performance of conical twin screw extruder and the huge market potential, some individuals or enterprises have ignored the national laws and regulations to prohibit flagrant infringement. Our company has submitted an application to the patent reexamination committee of the state intellectual property office, requesting that the patent for utility model which infringes upon copyright be invalidated. Ten recent judgments on utility model patents involving infringement have been issued:

1. Three patents have been invalidated:

1. Patent no. : 200920115975.3

2. Patent no. : 200820883522.2

Patent no. : 200920115974.9, patent name: conical twin screw PE granulator

Two or seven patents have been found partially invalid, and none of the technologies in the claims that involve "conical twin screw co-rotating" are valid.

1. Patent no. : 200820083438.0

2. Patent no. : 200820083523.7

3. Patent no. : 200920115971.5

4. Patent no. : 200920115973.4

5. Patent no. : 200820083447.X

6. Patent number: 200820083437.6

7. Patent no. : 200920115970.0

We solemnly declare that:

1. No enterprise or individual is allowed to produce and operate the "conical conical twin screw extruder" without our company's permission.

2. Our company has not authorized any unit to produce "conical twin screw extruder" at present. Please be alert and beware of being fooled!

3, the protection of the patent law since the date of filing, now on the market "to a higher rotating conical twin-screw" related the application for a patent for utility model of average daily in my company after a patent for invention, so are invalid patent. Hereby declare!