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Since last year the district development "dinghai pioneer" were the first to fight for their superior activity, dinghai tong hair company party branch seize the favorable opportunity of this movement, actively implement the set so the implementation opinions on promoting the construction of a learning party organization, strengthen the learning party organization to create work. In formulating "were the first to fight for their superior activity implementation plan", will be a learning party organization construction in the pursuit of advanced party branch overall target, put forward the "pursuit of advanced grass-roots party organizations, to be outstanding communist party member, to be model worker" three aspects to creating content and target, and the implementation of the specific study plan at each stage. To branch, party members strive to drive the staff to carry out the "creating a learning worker" and "to be model workers" activity, stimulate the staff to participate in the enthusiasm of all party members, create a strong learning create atmosphere. Activities, the company party branch in combination with the actual, elaborate the activity carrier, launch all party member staff into the "job offer, I have action subject contests", "the entrepreneurial innovation ShiFanGang activities", "to participate in the activities of grid management, author services", "the implementation of the standard alliance cooperation project promotion", "I offered a plan for the company, the company does the practical work for the worker" activity ". Centering on the above-mentioned five activity carriers and striving for the goal, party members and staff have formulated the action plan of undertaking letter, striving for creating learning-type workers and post dedication.

Since the start of the campaign for excellence, the party branch has organized party members and staff to learn the documents and speeches related to the campaign for excellence in the first place many times, so that the staff have clearly defined the significance and objectives of the campaign. In order to cultivate the worker work excellently and learning of good moral character, innovative consciousness, the party branch also hosted the project staff motivational education lectures, invited the zhoushan senior reporters came to the company for titled "self-confidence, diligence, make your career more brilliant" lecture. Rationalization Suggestions at the same time, the party branch by a worker, specifications complete the company internal each rules and regulations, focus on the implementation of the party members to participate in the organization life system, established the party member cadre and common worker pair connection system, strengthen the cultivation of the party activists and the worker of ideological and political work. Last year, five workers were listed as party activists, and six applied to the party branch. In order to improve the comprehensive quality of the staff and workers and the level of cultural services, the company actively encourages the staff and workers to participate in academic training, and the company will subsidize the expenses. Last year, two business leaders were entrusted by the company to participate in college education. In order to meet the needs of employees, the company also subscribed more than ten newspapers and professional magazines for employees to read and study during their rest time. The company has also established a regular system of centralized learning for employees, a system of business training and skill testing for newly recruited employees, and an annual system of visiting and learning. The establishment of learning party organization stimulates the cohesion of party organization and the vitality of staff's scientific research and innovation. At present, the company has more than 10 patents of invention and utility model, the research and development of series products of science and technology awards in industry in the country, and has become a leading to draft "subdivided conical twin-screw extruder" national standard of provincial high-tech enterprises. Wu hanmin, chairman of the company and secretary of the party branch, was awarded the title of "outstanding professional talents with outstanding contributions" by the municipal party committee and the municipal government earlier this year.