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On the eighth day 9 a.m., in zhejiang province private economy ten thousand conference, this is the work in February 2004, the province's private economy after the meeting, after 8 years, provincial party committee and provincial government held a landmark of the important meeting.

Dragon first thing ten thousand private economic conference, thus it can be seen that this year for the work of private economic development in zhejiang province, the meeting in the form of the provincial TV conference call, zhoushan sent representatives and three private enterprises in hangzhou city and district leaders.

I'm chairman of the board of directors of the company han-min wu as "executive director of the association of private enterprises in zhejiang province" the invited to hangzhou main venue to attend the meeting, he told reporters: "the downturn in the international economic situation is now in a private economy of ten thousand people meeting at this time, a very significant, suggesting that the government attaches great importance to private enterprises, support for private companies is unswerving. At the same time, I was lucky to attend the provincial private economic conference, very excited! After the conference is scheduled for the Spring Festival go to work the next day, it shows the provinces concerned with private economy work has been led by priority, to attend the meeting of the provincial departments at all levels, but also the important leadership in downtown, I attended province corporation for several years, feel this is the most attention and support, and most will give force."

"After hearing the report of secretary zhao and governor xia, I was even more moved. Zhao noted that scientific and technological progress and independent innovation are the core drivers of economic transformation and development, and encouraged research institutions and colleges to open to private enterprises and promote the integration of industry, education and research. Summer governors concern and support corporation has talked about four, namely: the boot in place, service in place, management, evaluation, corporation is like we need government guidance and support, it will be more favorable to promote the development of science and technology innovative enterprise."

公司董事长吴汉民 受邀参加2012“浙江省民营经济大会”.jpg

公司董事长吴汉民 受邀参加2012“浙江省民营经济大会”2.jpg