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After nearly 1 years of repeated experiments, the company successfully developed alternative on the market at present all the tapered differential twin screw extruder screw mixing of high yield and high special screw, the screw with super mixing effect, greatly improving the products of mixing plasticizing effect, at the same time improve the output of more than 20%. The high yield and high mixing screw has been successfully developed, which has successfully solved the international problem of poor mixing effect of "tapered double screw" for decades.

Existing "tapered differential twin screw extruder," use of manufacturers or producers, as long as the original "cone double screw" replace my company production of "high yield and high mixing special screw, installation is very simple, use very convenient, don't need to change any machine parts, so this is the my company successfully developed" subdivided conical twin-screw extruder, and a revolutionary product, the success of the product research and development, will greatly improve the tapered differential twin screw extruder, the applicable scope of the improve various properties of the aircraft, in promoting the whole cone double extruder industry technology development!