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"TF - new tapered differential twin screw extruder" is my company's latest development of new products, in addition to the screw, all other parts and conventional tapered differential twin screw extruder is no different from, the main difference is that the screw used my company's patent product developed by high mixing screw, through the use of the screw, greatly improved the tapered differential twin screw extruder, the mixing effect of solved this kind of machine industry problems existing for a long time.

Now use conical twin-screw extruder manufacturers, only need to change my company research and development of high mixing screw, the price is similar to normal cone double screw, can improve the mixing effect and a certain production immediately, without other replacement parts, higher performance, higher efficiency, and will help you transcend counterparts!

After nearly 1 years of repeated experiments, the company successfully developed alternative on the market at present all the tapered differential twin screw extruder screw mixing of high yield and high special screw, the screw with super mixing effect, greatly improving the products of mixing plasticizing effect, at the same time improve the output of more than 20%. The high yield and high mixing screw has been successfully developed, which has successfully solved the international problem of poor mixing effect of "tapered double screw" for decades.