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Recently, with the help of a well-known enterprise in domestic country, Wuhan Jinniu Co Ltd, we successfully developmed a new generation of high energy-saving PPR pipe extrusion machine, the product was our company's "subdivided conical twin-screw extruder" invention patent technology and has carried on the adaptability to the design of the machine barrel screw. It can satisfy the material under low temperature of the plasticizing, screw with low shear design at the same time, ensure the melt index of PPR pipe changes little.

Products still carried on the "subdivided conical twin-screw extruder" series of high yield and the advantage of energy saving, 65 type extruder maximum yield of 380 kg per hour, processing one ton of steel tubes host power consumption was less than 120 degrees, than ordinary PPR pipe extrusion machine save electricity above 100 degrees, extrusion pressure and product stability, good plasticizing, technical performance is better than that of domestic conventional single screw extruder, reached the leading domestic level.

Recently, a new generation of high-yielding and energy-saving PPR pipe extruder has been officially launched into the market. We welcome a large number of PPR pipe production enterprises to visit and negotiate with us!