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Aluminum plastic board is a new kind of ecological environment building material. With its advanced composite material structures and properties, excellent cost-effective and easy processability, rich and colorful decorative effect and the durability, comprehensive performance, so it was widely used in building curtain wall, indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising signboard, hi-temperature decoration, furniture manufacturing and other fields.


Aluminum extrusion host on the market at present mainly adopts single screw extruder, while the single screw extruder machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, low costs, but also exists some disadvantages in the production of aluminum-plastic plate, such as high power consumption, low yield and so on.

In order to keep up with the trend of the times, our company has developed a high output and low energy consumption plasticized aluminum plate-extruder with conical twin screw extruder.

Conical synthetic twin-screw plastic extruder is a model board extruder which our company followed the "efficient synthetic conical twin-screw extrusion technology" and developed on the basis of a new generation of high energy-saving aluminous compared with single screw plastic extruder, has the following advantages:

1. Power saving: about 150 degrees per ton, about 2200 degrees per day.

2. The screw is used for a long time. The single screw can be used for 7-8 months generally, and the screw of this machine can be used for about two years.

3. Because plasticizing is better than single screw, the proportion of backfeed or stuffing is higher than that of single screw, which can save raw material cost.

4. This machine has been listed in the catalogue of energy-saving promotion of national development and reform commission, and can declare energy-saving subsidy to relevant departments.

At the same time the products also have tapered differential twin screw extruder extrusion force and the parallel direction twin-screw extruder plasticizing good advantage, and absorbed the single-screw extruder extrusion pressure stability, the advantages of aluminum extrusion is an ideal equipment.

At present, Shanghai Ji xiang, China YaTai, two famous enterprises have chosen our products.

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