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Recently, a head of an enterprise in United States came to our company for the excellent properties of subdivided conical twin-screw extruder. They fully understand and trusted our chairman of the board of directors and the company's research and development ability. And they entrustede our company for PP aggregate + 50% for the targeted development of talcum powder sheet extrusion, the head said before they tried a variety of extruder but can only produce PP + 40% talcum powder of the sheet, but he believes subdivided conical twin-screw extruder high compression performance can solve the problem. 

On December 20 in 2016, we used 65 type subdivided conical twin-screw extruder with the commissioning. The major persons-in-charge of the customers and partners attended the commissioning. After sheet extrusion, either plasticizing dispersion or production or energy consumption and so on have reached their target, the customer said that they were very satisfied and would order dozens of subdivided conical twin-screw PP + talcum powder sheet extrusion line.