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On April 27, 2018, the chairman of the special committee on injection molding of the world association of plastic engineers and director of the expert committee of China plastics processing industry association, professor Weimin Yang and vice secretary of China plastics processing industry association, China plastic association expert committee secretary general, the national standardization technical committee, deputy secretary general of plastic products, plastic products and technology commission, director of the committee of professor  Tian Yan came to our company, they were accompanied by the chairman of the board of Hanmin Wu. They visited our company and know the world's first subdivided conical twin-screw extruder which we independently developed.During the visit, our director, Hanmin Wu introduced the performance advantages of subdivided conical twin-screw extruder and current progress in research and development to two experts. Through the investigation, two experts had a deeper understanding and cognition of the cone with double products. They gave a high degree of evaluation and also put forward some valuable opinions for the future of innovation and development.